Gravimetric Dosing

Gravimetric Dosage System for Maximum Control.

A volumetric dosing unit offers control. A gravimetric dosing system provides maximum control for injection molding and extrusion. The actual measurement of loss-in-weight ensures optimal control over the production process. This translates into savings on colourants, higher efficiency, more stability and a sustainable solution in colouring with master batch, powder, regrind and liquid.

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Movacolor MCBalance

There is no other dosing method in the world as accurate as this.

Movacolor’s gravimetric feeder MCBalance is the highest standard in gravimetric dosing for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion applications. The dosing cylinder and patented weighing technology ensure extremely accurate dosing, even when low dosage rates are required. In this way, high savings on expensive additives can be achieved.


Movacolor MCTwin

Avoid over consumption of additives and to reuse the maximum of regrind.

Dosing rejects and sprues in the form of regrind can result in saving substantial amounts of colorant. The secret? Dosing masterbatch, powder, liquid or another additive and regrind simultaneously. One dosing unit of the MCTwin functions as the master unit and doses regrind, while the second operates in conjunction with the master unit and doses the additive. In practice this means that the more regrind is available, the less colorant is added.


Movacolor MCPowder

The MCPowder is available in a gravimetric or volumetric version.

The unit operates as a single unit, but can also be integrated into our unique modular continuous blending system, allowing to add the most difficult powders to the blend of your extruder. The MCPowder is a truly unique product in the market that makes you forget any powder dosing problem you currently might have.


Movacolor MCHigh Output

Accurate dosing of high capacities

When it comes to high output dosing, dosing unit MCHigh Output offers the best solution in terms of control, efficiency and savings. Gravimetric in-line dosing system MCHigh Output has two load cells for continuously weighing through loss-in-weight measurement. The dosage system doses additives like masterbatch, regrind and powders from 50 kg/h up to 1,200 kg/h. The MCHigh Output can also be used for flakes and hot materials up to 180 ¡C.


Movacolor MCPowder High Output

The spiral design, in combination with the 3 phase motor control system creates extreme accuracy.

Movacolor has, based on its proven gravimetric technology, developed a heavy duty powder dosing unit capable to dose maximum 450 kg/h of non-free flowing powder. The design is based on a single spiral and agitator, driven by a heavy duty 3 phase motor. The hopper can be increased in a modular way from 25 to 50 liters.

The unit is installed on two heavy duty load cells. Operation is done via our standard 8 inch full color touch screen. The unit operates as a single unit, but can also be integrated into our unique modular continuous blending system, allowing to add the most difficult powders to the blend of your extruder.

Mc Power1

Movacolor MCPowder High Output  2500R

The MCHigh Output 2500R is a complete system for feeding low density regrind at high dosing rates. The unique design, with a mixing rate of maximum 75%, can be mounted directly on top of the injection molding machine or extruder. The gravimetric technology controls the dosing rate and provides exact material consumption data for track and trace purposes.

The unit has an integrated weighing module that precisely measures the throughput by the loss-in-weight principle. Refilling of the hopper can be done either by direct mounting of the hopper loader on top of the system or by the integrated knife valve at the top flange. The refilling is controlled by the gravimetric system. The MCHigh Output 2500R handles granulates and difficult regrinds like PET bottle flakes. It is capable of processing materials up to 180øC.

Continious Mixers1

Movacolor Continuous Mixers

The Advanced blending systems are often seen as complete plant engineered solutions. Movacolor has developed a unique modular system that allows you to put together a full gravimetric continuous blending system.

Up to 15 components can be controlled from one controller. These systems can be installed on one extruder or on multiple co-extruders, creating a control platform for multiple continuous blenders in one system.

MWeight 1

Movacolor MCWeight

The MCWeight made our extrusion process much more stable, which saved raw material, but also expensive additives such as dye and catalyst. But more importantly, we reduced our scrap by more than 70%.

The MCWeight is specially designed to measure the actual feed capacity of an extruder. It has an integrated weighing module to accurately measure throughput and an integrated knife valve to control the filling. Combined with one or more Movacolor units, the MCWeight tracks even the smallest capacity variation of the extruder. It adjusts the additive dosing from the dosing units accordingly. Dried material with a temperature up to 180°C can be handled with the MCWeight.


Movacolor MCWeight Powder

In our factory we use both pourable powders, granules and regrind containing dust. The MCWeight P offered the answer at our question how we could measure these materials very accurate.

The MCWeight P is designed for measuring pourable powders like PVC dry blend. The MCWeight P can also be applied for granular materials or pourable regrinds that contain dust. The construction of the pneumatic knife gate is dust tight. The manchets are dust tight and there are additional dust filters to handle powder. The MCWeight P, like the MCWeight, is designed to measure the actual feed capacity of the extruder, save expensive additives and ensure high quality end product in extrusion production.