Movacolor MMS Weight Powder

Movacolor MMS Weight Powder

Key Features

The Movocolor MMS Weight Powder stands out with its continuous loss-in-weight measuring system, ensuring accuracy in dosing pourable powders. The integrated pneumatic knife gate in the top flange allows for automatic filling, optimising the production process. With communication options such as TCP/IP or Modbus, the system features menu-guided control and a graphic LCD display with backlight for enhanced usability.


Versatile and Industry 4.0 Ready

Capable of handling a capacity from 3 kg/h up to 1000 kg/h, depending on the material, MCWeight Powder is a versatile solution suitable for various production requirements. Its Industry 4.0 readiness ensures seamless integration into modern manufacturing environments. The system offers superior control over the production process, preventing overdosing and enabling quick color changes without disrupting operations.


Robust Design for Accuracy and Ease of Use

Designed specifically for measuring pourable powders like PVC dry blend, granular materials, or pourable regrinds containing dust, MCWeight Powder features a dust-tight pneumatic knife gate and additional dust filters. The system ensures precise feed capacity measurement of the extruder, saving expensive additives and ensuring high-quality end products in extrusion production. With a robust design that is easy to clean, The Movocolor MMS Weight Powder exemplifies Movacolor’s leadership in dosing technology.