Vacuum Conveying

Requiring quiet and reliable vacuum conveying of granules, regrind or powders?  You have arrived at the right place.

Labotek dominates the vacuum conveying market within the Australian and New Zealand plastic industry, adeptly handling a wide range of materials including free-flowing granules, powders, and recycled regrind materials. Fleming Dynamics has been a pioneering force in Labotek Con-Evator vacuum loader sales since 1981, proudly supplying and supporting hundreds of these cutting-edge loaders.

Whether it’s small loaders facilitating master batch conveyance or dosing units, or large loaders transferring materials from outdoor silos to extruders, Fleming offers bespoke solutions tailored to meet diverse operational requirements. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each client receives precisely the right solution to optimise their material handling processes.

Used within PE compounding plants or PVC extrusion plants loading various powder from bulk bags, bins or silos direct to an extruder.

Feeding Systems Feed material from beside the machine to a full central material feed system, including long distance conveying from silos.

A proportional valve is similar to the pneumatic valves in that it has a spool that can allow ports to change as well as open or close from 0-100%

The MMS Totalizer is developed to measure the consumption of the main material and can be fitted with many different types of hopper loaders.

Fleming promotes the correct use and installation of safe and environmentally responsible pipe systems.