Fleming have designed and supplied a wide range of modular conveyor solutions to over 3,500 manufactures and food processors across Australia and New Zealand.  Our conveyors are designed to be reconfigurable.

We specialise in the supply of industrial water chillers, glycol chillers, air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers, adiabatic cooling systems, explosion proof chillers, process water chillers and large central cooling systems.

Labotek dominates the Australian and New Zealand plastic industry markets for vacuum conveying of plastic granular and recycled regrind materials since Fleming began distributing Labotek in 1981.

Drying is an absolute necessity to prepare polyesters for moulding. If pellets are not dried, the moisture will react, resulting in a loss of molecular weight.  We supply the leading drying products on the market in Australia and NZ.

Blending is an efficient, thorough and automated way to combine material ingredients, in pre-determined proportions for the production of plastic parts or products.

Sesotec’s metal separation products are used in applications such as: mining, power industry, recycling and food industry. The magnetic separators are installed on belt conveyors, chutes and pneumatic conveying pipelines.

Plastic recycling is part of an ethic of resource efficiency – of using products to their fullest potential. When a recycled material, rather than a raw material, is used to make a new product, natural resources and energy are conserved.

Cost effective and space saving storage solutions for raw material supplied in 25kg bags, bulk bags, octabins or bulk container supplies.  Used within central vacuum materials handling systems to create a raw materials storage area.

A Doser, or Feeder is designed to introduce minor ingredients to the flow of main ingredients at the throat of a processing machine. Dosing is triggered or speed-governed by the processing machine itself.

Temperature control units are essential in providing safe and efficient manufacturing processes in the die casting and injection moulding sectors.

Ask us today about our reduced stock items that include demos and refurbished products.  We also provide loan items for our customers who need temporary replacements.