Movacolor MDS Balance

Movacolour MDS Balance

Movacolor’s MCBalance gravimetric feeder sets the highest standard in dosing for injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion applications. With its dosing cylinder and patented weighing technology, it ensures extremely accurate dosing, even at low rates, resulting in significant savings on costly additives. The continuous loss-in-weight measuring and automatic motor speed adjustment contribute to a stable production process, ensuring high-quality end products and minimising rejects.


The MCBalance offers key features such as dosing at extremely low rates, continuous loss-in-weight measuring, automatic material calibration, integrated hopper loader control, recipe storage function, an 8-inch full-colour touch screen, and Industry 4.0 readiness. Its dosing cylinder releases additives steadily, controlled by a stepper motor, making it the most accurate dosing method globally.


This user-friendly system is operable by anyone, with the MCSmart system enabling monitoring of all MCBalance units from one computer. The modular system configuration caters to various needs, including dried materials, regrinds, free-flowing powders, multi-component extrusion, or integrated hopper loaders. Plastic producers worldwide choose the MCBalance for its stability in colouring with masterbatch, powder, or regrind. It can be easily adapted to a multi-component system, allowing dosing of up to six additives simultaneously, making it a versatile and efficient investment for plastic processing.