MCS Off-line Dosing system

MCS Off-line Dosing: Elevating Safety and Efficiency in Material Dosing

Enhancing Factory Safety and Efficiency

Introducing MCS Off-line Dosing, a groundbreaking solution by Movacolor designed to elevate safety, efficiency, and precision in material dosing. Placing the MDS Balance on the ground floor next to the production machine, this configured solution eliminates hazardous situations, avoids the need for ladders, and ensures operator safety.


Overcoming Operational Challenges

Built to address challenges faced by operators unable to reach dosing machines due to production machine height, the MCS Off-line Dosing empowers ground-level essential maintenance tasks, reducing the risks associated with working at elevated heights. With configurations adaptable to injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and compounding, this solution enhances dosing accuracy and blend homogeneity, even in high-vibration environments.


Customisable and Modular

Tailored to diverse production processes, MCS Off-line Dosing is available in three configurations—movable frame, stand, and trolley. With seamless integration into the Movacolor modular dosing concept, this solution ensures up to 0.02% dosing accuracy, automatic material calibration, and a user-friendly 8″ full-color touch screen controller. Elevate your factory’s safety and efficiency with MCS Off-line Dosing from Movacolor.