Movacolor MCS HO Balance Regrind

Movacolor MCS HO Balance Regrind

Advanced Gravimetric Control

The MCS HO Balance Regrind is a fully gravimetric dosing system designed for high dosing rates of low bulk density regrinds. Its innovative design allows for the addition of up to 75% regrinds in the main material stream, ensuring efficient material usage. The system employs a water-cooled neckpiece with an integrated mixer for precise material mixing, and magnet bars for separating metal parts, enhancing overall process reliability.


Direct Mounting and Easy Integration

This dosing system offers a direct mount loader option, providing a convenient and space-saving solution for direct mounting on the processing machine feed throat. The integrated support frame allows easy direct mounting on injection molding machines or extruders. Additionally, the MCS HO Balance Regrind seamlessly integrates with other Movacolour dosing units, offering flexibility in handling various materials or adjusting outputs on the production line.


Smart and User-Friendly Operation

Equipped with an 8-inch full-colour touch screen display, the MCS HO Balance Regrind ensures easy and intuitive operation. The gravimetric technology precisely controls the dosing rate, providing accurate material consumption data for track and trace purposes. With Industry 4.0 readiness, the system supports advanced communication protocols, enhancing connectivity and data management in modern manufacturing environments.