Movacolor MDS HO Balance

Movacolor MDS HO Balance

Gravimetric Efficiency

The MCHigh Output sets a new standard in gravimetric dosing for high capacities, ranging from 50 kg/h up to an impressive 1,200 kg/h. Designed for both injection molding and extrusion applications, this system prioritises accuracy without compromise. Its integrated weighing module employs the loss-in-weight principle, ensuring precise throughput measurement, continuous calibration, and automatic adjustments.


Versatile Handling and Integration

Capable of managing granulates, challenging regrinds, and free-flowing powders, the MCHigh Output handles hot materials up to 180°C. With three available sizes (max. 100, max. 500, max. 1,200 kg/h), it offers flexibility in addressing various production needs. Industry 4.0 ready, the system is easily integrated with other Movacolor dosing units, providing versatility and adaptability in material handling.


Gravimetric or Volumetric, Easy Operation

The MCHigh Output is available in both gravimetric and volumetric versions, with the volumetric unit featuring the MC18 controller. Easy to clean and equipped with an integrated slide valve for material loading control, this system boasts an 8″ full-colour touch screen display, supporting multiple languages and offering output signals for efficient operation. The MCHigh Output stands as a reliable solution for precision dosing in high-capacity production environments.