Movacolor MDS Balance Powder NFF

MDS 5 Balance Powder

Movacolor MDS Balance Powder NFF

Reliable Design for Non-Free-Flowing Powders

MDS Balance Powder NFF features a double spiral/auger design, equipped with an agitator to prevent material clogging or rat holing. Its high-grade polished hopper and quick-release coupling facilitate easy cleaning, ensuring a trouble-free dosing experience. With a capacity ranging from 0.1 to 40 kg/h, MDS Balance Powder NFF is ready to tackle the challenges of dosing non-free-flowing powders.


Extreme Accuracy and Robust Performance

Powered by Movacolor’s patented gravimetric technology and stepper motor control, MDS Balance Powder NFF delivers unparalleled accuracy. Its design is robust and durable, making it suitable for the most demanding environments. The 8-inch full-color touch screen display, integrated hopper loader control, and MCSmart software enhance user-friendliness, providing easy operation and 100% traceability of dosed additives.


Versatile Integration and Unique Solution

MDS Balance Powder NFF can be seamlessly integrated into Movacolor’s modular continuous blending systems, offering both gravimetric and volumetric versions. This compact dosing unit addresses the challenges of powder dosing in injection molding and extrusion applications. Forget about powder dosing problems—MDS Balance Powder NFF is a unique and reliable solution in the market.