Movacolor MMS Weight

Movacolor MMS Weight

Versatile and Responsive

The Movacolor MMS Weight is a highly versatile solution designed for granulates, regrinds, and free-flowing powders in extrusion applications. With continuous loss-in-weight measuring and rapid response to capacity changes, this system ensures accurate and efficient material dosing. The integrated pneumatic knife gate in the top flange allows automatic filling, enhancing operational convenience.


Plug and Play Integration

The MMS Weight facilitates easy integration with up to 14 Movacolor dosing units, eliminating the need for interface control with the extruder. Each co-extruder can have its MMS Weight unit, enabling centralised control through a single interface. Quality control is enhanced through continuous monitoring of data from MMS Weight and dosing units, providing maximum control. The MMS Weight serves as a foundational element for advanced systems like MCContinuous Blender or MCLine Control.


Real-Time Extrusion Insight

The system’s 8-inch full-colour touch screen display allows intuitive control and monitoring. The MMS Weight not only measures the actual feed capacity of the extruder but also adjusts additive dosing based on the extruder’s capacity variations. With the ability to handle dried material with temperatures up to 180°C, The MMS Weight contributes to stable extrusion processes, resulting in raw material savings and reduced scrap by over 70%, as attested by satisfied users.