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The Fleming Team

At Fleming, we believe that fostering a healthy work-life balance is essential for maintaining efficient processes and delivering exceptional service. Director Tim, an avid surfer, understands that work-life balance is paramount to ensuring fluent processes in all that we do at Fleming. Our motto is that we work hard and enjoy the best of life. This commitment to balance empowers the Fleming team to prioritise both our team members and customers, regardless of their size or needs. 

Aligned with our vision, Fleming embraces a hybrid office model. Our primary office is nestled in the picturesque Central Coast of NSW, home to our warehouse. Additionally, we maintain a satellite office on the Northern Beaches. This hybrid setup fosters productivity and well-being, allowing our team to thrive in inspiring environments.

To further support our flexible work environment, the Fleming team has implemented a remote-based office that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Our cloud-based software ensures seamless operations at all times, enabling us to serve our customers efficiently and effectively. We remain dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in technology and product developments, ensuring that we can grow and evolve alongside our customers in this ever-changing world. 


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Tim Fleming

Managing Director
Technical Sales

As Managing Director, Tim specialises in business and sales management across plastics, industrial chillers and conveyors, with a speciality in the installation of central vacuum & drying materials handling. Next to spending time with his family and the Northern Beaches surf, Tim is focused on a vision of ensuring customers are provided only with system design and products that deliver true business results supported with unrivalled service.

Tina Fleming

Company Administrator

Tina has been with Fleming since 2006 and during her time she has managed Fleming’s operations, finance, and marketing. Now Tina, acts as a company administrator, overseeing day-to-day business operations, setting goals, and managing staff. Tina lives locally on the Northern Beaches and has a passion for organic gardening. In her spare time, she enjoys the laidback surf lifestyle and spending time with her family.

Melanie Lovett


Melanie is our all-round “Make it Happen” Chief. With over 20 years of experience in Customer Relations, Operations and Systems integration, Melanie will make sure it is smooth sailing when processing new and existing orders or tracking your current order and shipment; ensuring a good customer experience from end to end. As a self- acclaimed ‘foodie’, she loves various cuisines, and enjoys her Zumba immensely as well as traveling.

Arnelio Prado

Engineering & Design

With over 10 years international experience and a deep rooted passion for engineering design (in particular piping systems) across a range of industries, Arnelio oversees all engineering design for large central systems, industrial chilling systems by Industrial Frigo (Italy) and conveying solutions by DynaCon (USA).

Stuart Sharpe

Electrical/ Mechanical Field Technician

Stuart is our on-site field technician who assist with service breakdowns and installations within Australia and New Zealand. Originally, Stuart was a contractor for Fleming, running his own electrical business. However, he became Flemings in-house technician in June 2022. When Stuart isn’t working, he enjoys playing a competitive game of golf or soccer with his friends. 

Luke Dowling

Mechanical Field Technician

Luke is our mechanical field technician who has 20 years of experience working in the plastic injection moulding industry. At Fleming Luke oversees conveyor belt production, Labotek loading system installations and performs preventive maintenance and repairs for Maguire blenders and Labotek loading systems. Outside work, Luke enjoys stand up paddle boarding and having a BBQ with friends.  

Samantha Edgington

Sales Administrator

Meet Samantha, our skilled Sales Administrator with 6+ years’ experience in construction and wholesale goods. Praised for her adaptability and problem-solving, she simplifies complex issues with a customer-focused approach. Currently, she manages order processing, tracking progress, and shipments, serving as the main contact for customers and suppliers. Beyond work, she’s an avid animal lover who enjoys music and creating memories. Samantha’s dedication and passion enrich our team.

Leonardo Moreira

Engineering and Sales

Meet Leonardo, a seasoned mechanical engineer with over a decade of experience in the manufacturing industry. Specialising in service maintenance, technical support, and troubleshooting for plastic and chiller manufacturing, Leonardo is your go-to contact for all things technical service and spare parts. Beyond his professional expertise, Leonardo enjoys staying active through running and surfing, as well as cherishing quality time with family and friends. 

Paul Webster


With over 40 years of extensive expertise in metal fabrication, welding, and production management, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to Fleming. At Fleming, he adeptly manages dispatch and receiving operations in the warehouse, while also providing invaluable technical support where needed. Outside of work, Paul finds joy in indulging his passion for motorcycling and cherishing moments with his family. 

Neil Kinlay


Neil is a master of warehouse production and shipping aiming for nothing less than delivery efficiency and accuracy – a task appreciated by our customers when spare parts urgently require shipping. When not being efficient, Neil takes advantage of a coastal lifestyle.

Pankti Sharma

Financial Controller

Meet Pankti Sharma, our diligent Financial Controller at Flemings. With a Chartered Accountant qualification and extensive experience across diverse industries, including IT, medical, and manufacturing, Pankti is known for her meticulous attention to detail and knack for process improvement. At Flemings, she ensures smooth financial operations, enabling the business to focus on growth and customer service. Outside of work, Pankti enjoys spending time with loved ones, reading, traveling, and watching movies. 

Selena Fethers

Digital Marketer

Selena is a skilled digital marketer specialising in increasing brand awareness and enhancing online presence. She excels in WordPress content creation, coordinating marketing activities, maintaining Fleming’s social media platforms and scheduling company shoots to support ongoing marketing initiatives and campaigns. Outside of work, Selena enjoys indulging in her passion for surfing and connecting with nature.

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We combine our specialist knowledge and experience across a broad range of manufacturing industries, providing our customers with a highly efficient, transparent and customer-focused service. Fleming deliver the best industrial plastics, chiller and conveyor ancillary equipment solutions and service for Australian and New Zealand manufacturing.