Fleming provide dosing systems to meet customers’ demands for stable production, high quality, improved efficiency, lower costs and scrap volumes.

A volumetric dosing unit offers control. A gravimetric dosing system provides maximum control for injection molding and extrusion. The actual measurement of loss-in-weight ensures optimal control over the production process. This translates into savings on colourants, higher efficiency, more stability and a sustainable solution in colouring with master batch, powder, regrind and liquid.

MDS 5 Balance Powder

Through the continued measurement of loss in weight one reduces the external factors that can influence the end product.

Equipped with a an optical sensor, which counts the pieces of masterbatch pellet by pellet so you can dose accurately.

Liquid Colour Dosing

Commonly used in tinted clear resins and translucent parts as well as opaque parts with letdown ratios of less than 2.0%

Continuous Mixers

Integrated without changes to the controller. These blenders covers most materials like granulates, regrinds, powders and liquids.


All gravimetric and optometric dosing systems can be equipped with dosing software developed by professional software engineers.