Modular Conveyors

Meet the only true reconfigurable modular conveyors on the market

Since 1990, Fleming have designed and supplied a wide range of modular conveyor solutions to over 3,500 manufactures and food processors across Australia and New Zealand.  We specialise in Dynacon’s multi-purpose modular conveyors which can be re-configured in minutes to suit ever-changing manufacturing or workflow environments.  All orders are custom designed and assembled at Fleming’s Sydney warehouse, before being rigorously tested prior to shipping.

A major benefits of a Modular conveyor is that it offers you portability and complete flexibility for configuration and reconfiguration

Fleming Standard and custom Over-Under, In-Line and Side-by-Side Box Filling Systems are designed specifically to meet your box filling needs.

Our modular conveyors are considered eco-friendly because of the ability to re-purpose them and/or replace damaged components when needed

Our design engineers scope and design specific custom conveyor systems to accommodate a customer’s unique manufacturing process requirement

The Australian made Infinity conveying system features the best components of modular conveyors with a fast turn around, made right here at Fleming.