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Discover the Ultimate Modular Conveyor Solutions

Discover the Ultimate Modular Conveyor Solutions Unlock unparalleled efficiency with Fleming’s cutting-edge modular conveyor systems. Since 1990, we’ve been pioneering innovative conveyor solutions, serving over 3,500 manufacturers and food processors across Australia and New Zealand. Our expertise lies in Dynacon’s revolutionary modular conveyors, setting the industry standard for reconfigurable, maintenance-free, and energy-efficient conveyor systems. With Fleming, experience a seamless blend of innovation and versatility tailored to optimize your workflow.


Why Choose Fleming’s Modular Conveyors?


Reconfigurable Design: Adapt to ever-changing manufacturing needs effortlessly. Our modular conveyors can be reconfigured in minutes, ensuring seamless integration into your evolving workflow environments.


Tailored Solutions: Every order is custom-designed and assembled at our Sydney warehouse, guaranteeing precision and attention to detail. Prior to shipping, each system undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance upon arrival.


Versatility Unleashed: DynaCon’s modular conveyor systems offer unrivalled versatility, making them ideal for parts manufacturers seeking adaptable conveying solutions. Boost productivity with a conveyor system engineered to meet the demands of dynamic manufacturing processes.


Enhance Your Workflow with Fleming’s Modular Conveyors Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with Fleming’s advanced modular conveyor solutions. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every system is meticulously crafted to optimise your specific production requirements. Discover the benefits of DynaCon’s modular conveyors and transform your manufacturing processes with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

A major benefits of a Modular conveyor is that it offers you portability and complete flexibility for configuration and reconfiguration

Fleming Standard and custom Over-Under, In-Line and Side-by-Side Box Filling Systems are designed specifically to meet your box filling needs.

Our modular conveyors are considered eco-friendly because of the ability to re-purpose them and/or replace damaged components when needed

Our design engineers scope and design specific custom conveyor systems to accommodate a customer’s unique manufacturing process requirement

The Australian made Infinity conveying system features the best components of modular conveyors with a fast turn around, made right here at Fleming.

Where innovation meets versatility. Explore our comprehensive range of solutions designed to optimise your workflow

Explore Our Comprehensive Solutions

Dynacon Modular Conveyors

Dynacon Modular Conveyors offer a highly versatile solution for parts manufacturers seeking adaptable conveying systems. Engineered for reconfigurability, maintenance-free operation, and energy efficiency, Dynacon provides Fleming’s customers with a conveyor system that enhances productivity


Box Filling Systems

Elevate your filling operations with Fleming’s precision-engineered Box Filling Systems. Whether it’s Over-Under, In-Line, or Side-by-Side configurations, our solutions ensure every box is filled with utmost accuracy, optimising efficiency and minimising downtime.


Accessories for Conveyors

Enhance sustainability and minimise waste with our range of conveyor accessories. From Dynacon belting to tunnel filters, we offer a variety of options to seamlessly repurpose and replace components, maximising the lifespan of your conveyor system.


Conveyor Systems

Collaborate with our expert design engineers to tailor bespoke conveyor systems to your unique manufacturing processes. From concept to integration, we guarantee optimal performance every step of the way, ensuring your conveyor system aligns perfectly with your current and future objectives.


Dynacon Hybrid

Experience the pinnacle of versatility with DynaCon Hybrid solutions. Combining the adaptability of modular conveyors with specialised functionalities, these durable conveyors are crafted with precision to meet the diverse needs of modern manufacturing.


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