Paving the way for a cleaner world.

Nearly half of the plastic produced in the world gets thrown away after just one use. This waste could serve as a valuable resource if only we took advantage of it. Our one-of-a-kind plastic granulator machines and recycling technologies are making crucial contributions to the solution. Through efficient material handling during the conversion process, minimized energy consumption and custom machine configurations, Fleming makes sure that “one-way” plastics find their way back into the material cycle— giving the environment sustainable protection. Our plastic granulators and plastic recycling systems are supplied by TRIA, a company that specialises in the design and manufacturing of granulators and grinding systems.

Our Multi-Purpose plastics granulator range boasts the lowest running costs per kilo of any machine on the market.

Highly technical cutting chamber design ensures very efficient power usage and maximum gripping ability.

Rigid or flexible extrusion for small sprues or heavy moulds, also suitable for second step grinding of pre-crushed pieces

The cutting geometry and rotor of the granulator can continually accept edge trim feed, regardless of the material type or thickness

Tria’s range of granulators are designed for inline recovery of thermoformed full sheet at the start-up, full sheet with cups and web sheet.

Single shaft shredder for grinding of any type of plastics, industrial scrap or post-consumer and can also be equipped with special rotors

Recycling sorting systems are suitable for removing contaminants or impurities from material that has already been shredded.