Movacolor MCS Continuous Feeder

Movacolor MCS Continuous Feeder

Versatile and Modular System

The Movacolor MCS Continuous Blender is a cutting-edge solution offering capacities up to 2,000 kg/h with full gravimetric control. Its modular design accommodates granulates, regrinds, powders, and liquids, providing versatility in material handling. With the capability to handle up to 15 components, this blending system ensures high accuracy and swift response to recipe changes. Integrated loader control streamlines the operation, and the system can be easily extended or modified to meet evolving production needs.


Smart and Expandable Control

Featuring an 8-inch full-coluor touch screen display, the controller efficiently manages up to 15 components on a single extruder or across multiple co-extruders. The modular control system allows on-the-spot configuration of standard software, facilitating system expansion without the need for additional controller changes. The Movacolor MCS Continuous Blender is Industry 4.0 ready, supporting advanced communication protocols for seamless integration into modern manufacturing environments.


Comprehensive Material Handling

Movacolor’s blending system integrates all standard gravimetric units, enabling the dosing of diverse materials like granulates, regrinds, powders, and liquids. The MCS continuous blender brings the benefits of advanced blending systems to your production, ensuring precise dosing directly on the extruder. The system’s adaptability, ease of expansion, and integrated loader control make it a comprehensive and efficient solution for achieving the required accuracy in material blending.