Movacolor MDS HO Balance Powder NFF

Movacolor MDS HO Balance Powder NFF

Reliable Design for High Output

MDS HO Balance Powder NFF is engineered for the demanding task of dosing heavy-duty powders. Featuring a single spiral design with an agitator to prevent material clogging or rat holing, and a high-grade polished hopper, this unit ensures reliable dosing even in challenging environments. With a capacity ranging from 10 to 450 kg/h, it meets the demands of high-output applications.


Accuracy and User-Friendly Operation

The spiral design, combined with a 3-phase motor and Movacolor’s patented gravimetric technology, guarantees extreme accuracy and reliability. The unit is equipped with an 8-inch full-color touch screen display for easy operation and integrated hopper loader control. The MCSmart software enables 100% traceability of dosed additives, enhancing user convenience.


Modular Integration and Process Flexibility

MDS HO Balance Powder NFF seamlessly integrates into Movacolor’s unique continuous blending systems. With a modular hopper design allowing an increase from 25 to 50 liters, the unit provides flexibility to adapt to varying production needs. The heavy-duty dosing unit is installed on two load cells and is suitable for both standalone use and integration into a continuous blending system for extruders.