Granulators Blow Moulding


Tria BM

Versatile Scrap Recovery

BM Series granulators excel in recovering scrap from blow molding processes, handling various materials at high temperatures, including runners, blown pieces, and in-line parison. The series is equally adept at off-line grinding of pre-forms and blown pieces, addressing the needs of molds, bulky, and light thermoformed scraps.


Durable and Feature-Rich Design

Built for durability, the granulators feature a standard anti-wear cutting chamber hardened to 750 Vickers. Noteworthy features include a tangential feed grinding chamber, water-cooled cutting chamber, and standard rotary discs. Additional advantages encompass a scissor cut configuration with constant cutting geometry, tool-free access, and customisable feed systems, providing adaptability for various applications. Turnkey packages with free consultations and payback calculations enhance the overall value.


Comprehensive Solutions for Blow Molding

Within the realm of blow molding, the BM Series offers an extensive range of granulators catering to diverse applications, from small bottles to 200-liter containers and coex fuel tanks. The series ensures in-line grinding of pieces up to 180°C, emphasizing increased gripping ability, easy tool-free access, and specific cutting chamber sections. The focus is on efficient solutions, energy efficiency, and producing homogeneous and uniform regrind with unchanged plastic properties, delivering a reliable return on investment and low running costs for effective recycling solutions.