Granulators Thermoforming


TRIA is the worldwide leader in quality plastics grinding, with over 1,000 granulators and recycling systems manufactured per year.

TRIA have specialised in the design and manufacturing of rotary knife granulators and grinding systems for over 57 years.  TRIA’s main objective is the design and manufacturing of granulators, systems and solutions which meet the high efficiency and safety requirements that are industry specific. TRIA strive for excellence in providing outstanding products and stand by their superior craftsmanship and dedication to quality.


Range of granulators designed for inline recovery of thermoformed full sheet at the start-up, full sheet with cups and web sheet of PP, PS, PET, PLA, mono and Coex ones. Grinding of cells up to 120 mm in height. Traction units with variable speed and pneumatic opening. TF granulators are extremely compact to be positioned below the stacker or to the end of the line and work in perfect sync with thermoforming machine. They are extremely silent to work in operator area.


Granulators designed for the recovery of thermoformed sheared sheet directly below the mold. They are equipped with a palette traction unit to facilitate the feeding and reduce the fly back of the regrind material. Series of extremely compact machines to be positioned under any shearing machine.


TR series is designed for the inline recovery of the thermoformed full sheet at the start-up, full sheet with cups up to 200/250 mm height of PP, PS, PET, PLA and mono and Coex ones. These machines can be installed on the ground, in the pit or below the trim press.