Tria SP


TRIA is the worldwide leader in quality plastics grinding, with over 1,000 granulators and recycling systems manufactured per year, 90% of which are exported throughout the world.

TRIA have specialised in the design and manufacturing of rotary knife granulators and grinding systems for over 57 years.  TRIA’s main objective is the design and manufacturing of granulators, systems and solutions which meet the high efficiency and safety requirements that are industry specific. TRIA strive for excellence in providing outstanding products and stand by their superior craftsmanship and dedication to quality.



Versatile Single-Shaft Shredders

TRIA presents a range of single-shaft shredders designed for the grinding of diverse plastics, including industrial scrap and post-consumer waste. The SP range features a 370 mm rotor, while the SN range boasts a 470 mm rotor, both equipped with hydraulic pushers and customisable cutting chamber openings. These shredders, adaptable for film and treated for anti-wear, offer robust solutions for various plastic types, heavy sprues, big drums, and film bales, allowing further reduction through a second-step grinding process.



Key Features and Specifications

The SP 70, SP 100, SP 130, and SP 160 models provide versatility with different rotor lengths, rotor diameters, and cutting chamber openings. Features include evolute teeth for efficient grinding, adjustable counterknives, and high-service factor transmissions. The shredders are designed for easy access to the cutting chamber, ensuring a compact footprint and incorporating an intelligent control system for optimal performance in recycling applications. TRIA emphasises advanced engineering design, low-friction hydraulic components, and a range of options such as open hoppers, sliding hoppers, and wear rotor protection.