Granulators Extrusion


Tria XT

Extrusion Scrap Recovery:

TRIA’s XT Series granulators, designed for manual feeding of sheets, pipes, and profiles up to 6 meters, ensure a steady edge trim feed at speeds up to 100m/min. With 3, 5, or 7 rotary blades, the grinding chamber processes diverse resins and products, offering customizable solutions for efficient recycling while maintaining plastic properties.

Versatile Extrusion Granulators:

Dedicated to recovering scraps from rigid and flexible extrusion, the XT Series handles small sprues and heavy molds, providing second-step grinding for pre-crushed pieces. The unique cutting chamber design allows immediate and safe in-line grinding of film and trims. Integral rotary discs prevent film winding, ensuring efficient material evacuation as part of TRIA’s complete recycling systems.

Efficiency and Savings:

TRIA’s granulators prioritise operational efficiency and cost savings with the lowest running cost in kWh/kg. Reduced reaction power cosφ minimises hourly energy costs, while advanced engineering design minimises maintenance and downtime, ensuring operator safety during use and maintenance. The diverse model range caters to varying extrusion scrap recovery needs.