Granulators Extrusion

TRIA has installed over 35.000 systems in 65 countries world-wide.

Granulators dedicated to scraps recovery from rigid or flexible extrusion for small sprues or heavy molds, also suitable for second step grinding of pre-crushed pieces.  The granulator of this series, thanks to the special design of the cutting chamber, are also widely used for an immediate and safe inline grinding of film and trims. The rotary discs integral with the rotor avoid film winding; high efficiency screen allows a quick evacuation of the regrinding material. They are part of a complete systems, from aspiration to regrind material recycle, designed by TRIA.


Tria XT

Extrusion Granulators

Granulators designed for the granulation of extruded material, whether fexible or rigid. Also used as a secondary size reduction for pre-shredded material.