Movacolor MDS 200 Nexus

Movacolor MDS 200 Nexus

Compact Precision

Meet the MDS 200 Nexus, a groundbreaking dosing unit redefining the standard for handling extremely small amounts of masterbatch. Its ultra-compact design allows for dosing pellet by pellet with unparalleled accuracy. Utilising a compressed air supply and a dosing disc, the MDS 200 Nexus captures individual pellets, offering precise dosing down to ultralow ranges of up to 5 pellets per second. Standing at a mere 200 mm in length, it is an ideal fit for small-scale machines.


User-Friendly Innovation

With a completely 3D-printed body, the MDS 200 Nexus incorporates a highly advanced optical pellet detection system for optimal performance. The 8” full-colour touch screen, along with the Movacolor touch screen controller (MCTC), makes it user-friendly. This allows operators to manage recipes and monitor dosage through the MCSmart Software. The unit is also Industry 4.0 ready, ensuring seamless integration into modern production environments.


Versatile Applications

Designed for high precision injection molding, including sectors like medical, automotive, and electronics, as well as low-rate extrusion, the MDS 200 Nexus opens new possibilities for dosing ultra-concentrated colours and additives. Its 3D-printed body allows for customisation, and it can be easily mounted on Movacolor neckpieces. The MDS 200 Nexus is not just a dosing unit; it’s a precision tool for mastering small-batch dosing challenges.