Liquid Colour Dosing

Precise dosing units for all kinds of materials.

Colouring with liquid can be a challenging operation. It all depends on reliable dosing, often at extreme low dosage rates.  Used for injection moulding and extrusion.  The main advantages of liquid colourants are reduced material cost due to lower letdown ratios. Less liquid colourant is required to achieve the same final colour as pelletised or powdered colourants, since liquid colourants generally disperse easier in the melt stage of processing, than solid colourants. In some critical applications, the lack of heat history in liquid colour makes it advantageous to the properties of the final product.


The advanced gravimetric technology takes away the pre-calibration time and gives you 100% control of the dosed quantities, 24 hours a day.

Movacolor has developed a modular liquid dosing system with one universal motor unit, two pump types and several spill-free packaging concepts. This offers you the possibility of composing your optimum configuration.

Maguire MS4

Maguire’s proprietary technology has contributed to being the world’s largest supplier of liquid color pumps.

Maguire’s MS4 PeriStep pump provides precise metering at low rates to improve the quality of the coloring process.  The pump design and control makes it versatile for all types of molding and extrusion processes.  The choice of three tube sizes allows for wide range of dosing outputs- greater flexibility for the user