Reporting Custom reports can be generated for a daily journal of material consumption and product quality.

The software can be installed on any standard PC, stand alone or in a central server configuration. All recipes can be made and managed in this system.These recipes are synchronized to individual units and can either be activated locally or remote, taking away any possible operator mistakes. The remote operation option allows you to duplicate the touch screen on your computer and perform all operations, as if you were in front of the unit.

Maguire G2 Software

G2 allows rapid two-way communication between a PC and the controllers of Maguire WSB Gravimetric Blenders.

The blender measures and dispenses each material to ± 0.1% accuracy on a 1% setting.  Eliminates over-colouring and increases control over product quality and consistency.

Movacolour software

MCSmart can be installed as standalone or server/client application.

MCSmart software monitors the performance of all Gravimetric dosing systems Movacolor controlled from one to unlimited number of touch screen controllers. The system is based on a SQL database for 24/7 of data collection. Data can be retrieved at any time, even after months.

Mcline interface

The extremely simple user interface allows your operators to run the extrusion lines with an absolute minimum of scrap within the tightest possible quality margins.

Increasing material prices and higher quality demands to require full control of your extrusion lines. Movacolor offers this with our MCWeight throughput measurement system in the capacity range between 10-1,200 kg/h. The 8 inch full color touch screen controller can be connected directly to your extrusion line.