Continuous Mixers

Movacolor In-line Mixers

Optimal Homogenisation and Coating

Movacolor introduces a range of inline mixers designed for superior performance in homogenisation and coating of low melting colours or additives. While conventional inline dosing suffices for most PET injection molding or extrusion processes, situations where the plasticising screw of the machine lacks homogenisation capability benefit from incorporating an inline mixer.


Robust Construction and Easy Cleaning

The motorised inline mixers in Movacolor’s product line are crafted from robust stainless steel, housing a compact 3-phase motor, resulting in a durable and solid end product. Available as a single inline mixer or a combined water-cooled neckpiece inline mixer, these devices offer versatility. Specifically designed for PET applications, Movacolor offers a special inline mixer with integrated water-cooled flanges, available in 50 mm or 90 mm outlets based on machine size. The user-friendly design ensures easy disassembly for maintenance and cleaning, facilitating seamless operation.


Hybrid Systems for Precise Dosing

Movacolor provides a comprehensive solution with the MCHybrid 30 or MCHybrid 200 blending and dosing systems. These systems enable precise dosing of additives inline, directly on the throat of the injection molding machine or extruder. By incorporating blending and dosing technology in one machine, users can control main material capacities in various ratios while accurately dosing materials like regrind and masterbatch at low percentages. This ensures a high level of accuracy in dosing for optimal plastic processing.