Conveyor Accessories

A wide variety of accessories are available for optimal parts conveyance with new or existing conveyor systems.


Dynamic Conveyor offers three options that save time, money and manpower by quickly cooling hot parts or product on any new or existing standard conveyor.

Internal Cooling fans – Ideal for part cooling on any section of the conveyor or the entire length of the conveyor

Overhead Cooing Fans – Ideal for cooling small to large parts on any standard conveyor

Chiller Air – Portable spot air cooling unit provides rapid part cooling

Waterbath Conveyors

DynaCon Modular Conveyors offer the option to be submerged in water for uniform cooling of parts as they are transferred to another conveyor or work station.

These plastic Belt Conveyors never require lubrication and are corrosion and rust-resistant, making them ideal for complete water immersion and wash down applications without requiring expensive custom conveyors.

Metal detector module installed

The controls are easy to use, and permit sensors to operate in extreme temperature variations without affecting the performance of the system. Electronic controls have a built-in diagnostics circuit, which monitors all functions of the unit’s metal detector. In the event that metal is detected, the conveyor will be stopped when optional relay contacts are used.

The Metal Detector is capable of detecting all metals – steel, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel. The metal detector is integrated into the conveyor module and is available in widths ranging from 8” to 36”. Metal detector modules can be integrated into new or existing conveyors.

Tunnel filter

DynaCon Tunnel Filter

Keeps parts clean during the conveying process.

Removes at least 99.97% of the airborne particles 0.3 micrometers in diameter (larger or smaller particles are filtered at higher efficiency)

Dynacon Covers

DynaCon Covers

Use for safety, dust protection, part protection or cooling applications.

Mounts on any section of the conveyor


Link style belting is utilised with DynaCon Modular Conveyors and Hybrid Speciality Conveyors.  Available in varying types for all applications

Our plastic conveyor belting is self-lubricating, requires no maintenance, and is easy to clean and repair. Injection-molded plastic belting modules are interlocked by plastic rods, which provide belt strength and durability. Damaged belting sections can be easily and inexpensively replaced. Belting configurations can be easily modified.  Drive flights (cleats) can be inserted or removed at any time.