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DynaCon Belting

Plastic Conveyor Belting Options

Various belting options are available for standard 8” profile conveyors, each offering specific functions and features. Standard Flat Top Belt, available in Polypropylene, is guided along belt tracks within conveyor side walls, requiring specific lengths for different modules. Drive flights, ranging from 1” to 3” in height, interlace within the belt to facilitate product movement along inclining or declining angles.


Additional Options and Functions

Options like Flush Grid Belt, Perforated Flat Top Belt, and Mesh Top Belt serve diverse applications including water bath, wash down, and cooling operations. Rubber Flat Top Drive Flights are also available in different heights for similar functions. The belting options extend to include specialiSed variants like Flat Friction Top Belt and Diamond Friction Top Belt, tailored for soft drop of highly cosmetic products.


SpecialiSed Features and Construction

Nylon Flat Top Belt is suitable for high-temperature applications, while Flush Grid Belt with Roller Inserts enables low back pressure accumulation and delicate package conveyance. Radius Flush Grid Belt and Radius Flat Friction Flush Grid Belt cater to radius turn applications, offering soft product drops. Radius Drive Flights, available in various heights, are designed specifically for radius turn applications, providing flexibility and efficiency in conveyor operations.