DynaCon Internal Metal Detector

Dynacon Conveyors Corporation

DynaCon Internal Metal Detector

Comprehensive Metal Detection Capabilities

DynaCon Metal Detector Modules are designed to sense all metal types, including steel, aluminium, copper, brass, and stainless steel. These detectors seamlessly integrate into conveyor modules ranging from 8” to 36” in width, offering comprehensive metal detection solutions for a variety of industrial settings. They can be easily incorporated into both new and existing DynaCon conveyors, ensuring efficient detection processes.


User-Friendly Controls and Enhanced Functionality

The controls of DynaCon Metal Detector Modules are intuitive and robust, capable of operating reliably in extreme temperature conditions without compromising performance. Featuring built-in diagnostics, the electronic controls monitor all functions of the metal detector unit, ensuring optimal performance. In the event of metal detection, optional relay contacts halt conveyor movement, with additional features like audible or visual alarms, push-off arms, and rejection chutes available for enhanced functionality.


Adjustable Sensitivity for Critical Applications

The Metal Detector Module offers adjustable sensitivity, making it ideal for inspecting plastic scrap for metal contaminants as it moves towards grinders. Early detection of metal helps prevent damage to grinder blades and minimizes the risk of injection system fouling, thereby mitigating defects in molded plastic products and addressing critical product liability concerns. This feature underscores the module’s significance in maintaining product quality and safety standards across various industrial processes.