Modular Silos

Indoor and Outdoor Modular Silos by BM Silo.

BM Silos of Germany are specialists manufactures of quality indoor and outdoor modular square silo solutions for granules, regrind and powders. BM Modular silos are shipped flat pack reducing shipping cost with simple and fast installation in place onsite. The large range of indoor and outdoor silos allows Fleming to utilise the available floor and ceiling space to maximise storage volume in an factory indoors or outside. Fleming have been incorporating BM silos into their central materials handling systems with great success for many years.

Indoor Modular Silo

The indoor modular silo provides a storage solution for cereals, granulate, meal feed, pellets and more. The indoor silo features hot-dipped galvanised steel, an injection unit, leg length and an inspection hatch.

Outdoor Modular Silo

The outdoor modular silo features a ladder, catwalk between and above silos, hot-dipped galvanised steel, an inspection hatch and a 45-degree roof with cyclone. This outdoor modular silo can store cereals, granulate, meal feed, pellets and more.