Customisable Silo Accessories

Our range of silo accessories is designed to meet your specific project requirements, offering flexibility and adaptability in silo design. With BM Silos, you can customise your silo solution with a variety of accessories, ensuring unmatched durability and trouble-free performance.


Diverse Selection of Accessories

Choose from a comprehensive array of accessories including pipes, clips, outlets, tanker flanges, cyclones, filter bags, inlets, inspection doors, slide gates, and bends. Whether you need detailed features or specialised components, refer to our silo catalog or reach out to our sales team for personalised assistance.


Enhanced Functionality and Control

Enhance the functionality of your silo system with additional accessories such as ladders, catwalks, guardrails, displays, cables, load cells, level controls, vibrators, transitions, cover plates, sealers, and diverters with motor and auxiliary switch. These accessories offer greater control, efficiency, and versatility in your silo operations, ensuring seamless integration and performance.