Auger Discharge Silo

Auger Discharge Silo

Efficient Auger Discharge Silo

The Auger Discharge Silo is ideal for handling low-density, sticky, or bridging materials, ensuring a continuous flow in your process line, even with challenging materials. Modular in design, it shares components with the BM Modular silo, offering a long service life, galvanised plate sections, and various combination options, ensuring reliability and hygiene in material handling.


Versatile Configuration Options

Installation of the Auger Discharge Silo is hassle-free, fitting through standard door openings for easy setup in existing buildings. Equipped with a trough auger designed for uniform discharge, it features a range of outlet options to accommodate different material flows, including a version with double capacity and a center outlet requiring a separate shutter. Augers ranging from ø152mm to twin ø250 augers offer discharge capacities from 7 to 83 cubic meters per hour, powered by heavy-duty worm gear motors.


Tailored Solutions for Efficient Material Handling

The Auger Discharge Silo comes standard with essential features like an inspection door, inspection glass, steel cover, and trough auger with a worm gear motor. Additionally, optional equipment such as agitators, level sensors, and vibrators can be added to optimize material flow. Designed for optimum emptying efficiency of light materials prone to bridging, this system ensures uniform discharge, catering to various industries’ material handling needs.