Auger Mixing Silo

Auger Mixing Silo

Versatile Auger Mixing Silo

The BM Auger Mixing Silo is a specialised solution designed for homogenising materials in the recycling industry, offering up to 86 cubic meters of capacity depending on density. It is engineered to ensure an equal melting point, crucial for efficient processing. The silo’s modular system and square construction optimise space utilisation, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations while adhering to Eurocodes for construction standards.


Enhanced Mixing Efficiency

Featuring a high-capacity mixing screw and a specialised ledge design, the Auger Mixing Silo facilitates the production of homogenised materials vital for various industries like plastics. Its efficient mixing system enables quick throughput and eliminates the need for calibration between batches, enhancing production efficiency. With a robust design, the silo’s motor and bearing are built for longevity, ensuring reliable performance over extended periods.


Durable and Convenient Design

Built with hot-dip galvanised panel sections for longevity, the Auger Mixing Silo ensures optimal hygiene and discharge efficiency. Its compact kit delivery and adjustable discharge height offer convenience during installation and operation. Equipped with a reinforced cover and safety features, this silo is designed for easy maintenance and inspection, providing a seamless solution for bulk material handling needs.