Outdoor Modular Silo

Outdoor Modular Silo

Discover the Outdoor Modular Silo by BM Silo ApS, a square, modular-built storage solution designed for dry materials such as cereals, granulate, meal feed, and pellets. Crafted from hot-dipped galvanized steel, the silo ensures durability and longevity. The side panels feature external flanges with downfolded edges for sealed horizontal joints.


Enhanced Safety and Convenience: The silo incorporates a new shut-off slide for a gas-tight closure, facilitating secure operations. Additionally, a compact kit delivery system allows for stackability and easy assembly of the silo. To further enhance safety, guardrails made of galvanised pipes and catwalks between and above silos provide added convenience during operation. The ladder, constructed from aluminum, is equipped with a safety cage and is available in lengths ranging from 4 to 18 meters.


Hot-Dip Galvanised Durability: Ensuring a long service life, all panel sections of the silo undergo hot-dip galvanisation. This process not only enhances durability but also promotes good internal hygiene and facilitates optimal discharge of materials through the silo.


Key Specifications and Features

  • The silo comes in various sizes (150 to 300) with adjustable cone angles (45°/60°).
  • Engineered for a basic wind speed of Vb = 27 m/s and a snow load of sk = 0.9 kN/m2 in terrain category II.
  • Options include a 45° roof with a cyclone, adjustable leg length for discharge height, and an inspection hatch with a window.
  • The silo can be delivered with or without an injection unit, tanker flange, and cyclone, offering versatility.
  • The modular system allows easy adaptation, ensuring optimal space utilisation and providing numerous combinations.