Material Feed Systems

Labotek dominates the Australian and New Zealand plastic industry markets for vacuum conveying of plastic granular and recycled regrind materials since Fleming began distributing Labotek in 1981. In fact, they have been so popular, many remain in operation today. Fleming carry hopper loaders ex stock Sydney including all main spares, supported by a team of technicians who are experts in service and repair.

Fleming Engineering

Fleming Engineering

Our team of engineers and project managers work closely with our customers to meet the specifics of each individual design.  From the beginning of each project when the engineers design and scope to product assembly and testing – we deliver projects on time and with expert skills.

Micro Scan Image

Microprocessor control for material handling systems.

The Micro-Scan series takes full control of material handling requirements and enables automatic control of conveying of raw materials. Handles up to 8 vacuum receivers type SVR.


Operation of the control is extremely easy; a user-friendly interface via a 6” touch screen enables automatic control of conveying of raw materials up to 32 stations.

Suction time, line clearing time, suction address and air speed frequency is adjusted direct on screen, either via keyboard pad or drop down boxes. Operator can scroll between station selection as required. The Labo-Scan control has built-in control of suction address, where a pneumatic slide valve under a drying hopper is operated, securing a safe and self cleaning conveying cycle.


Labo-Scan 50 offers streamlined materials handling solutions with its user-friendly interface and advanced control capabilities.

Featuring a 7” touch screen, it enables automatic control of conveying for up to 50 stations, utilising network communication via AS-Interface & Siemens Profi Net for reliability. The system, housed in a wall-mounted cabinet, boasts a sleek visual appearance and can efficiently manage up to 4 vacuum stations with optional energy-saving frequency control.


Labotek labo-net series takes full control of all materials handling requirements.

Ease of use, no need for special training. Labo-Net is able to handle Labotek Energy Saving Systems & Labotek frequency controlled vacuum stations as standard. The Labo-Net uses network communication between system components via the well known, flexible and very reliable AS-Interface & Siemens Profi Net.


Safe & easy to use sql database server directly in the plc system, eliminating the usual tackle of windows based software updates and virus protection software.

The Labotek SQL database is using standard web browser tool for access to relevant process data from the drying and conveying system, to be used for quality control and general logistics management.  Database is designed for Labo-Net controls and is prepared for running with or without the Labotek Gravi-Dryer® system.