Monitoring Material Usage

The MMS Totalizer is designed to accurately measure the consumption of primary materials and can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of hopper loaders.

Movacolor stands as the top choice for plastics producers worldwide committed to excellence in injection molding and extrusion. With nearly three decades of industry partnership, Movacolor has established leadership in dosing technology, addressing common challenges such as color and wall thickness variations prevalent in these applications. The MMS Totalizer, a key component of Movacolor’s dosing system, offers seamless installation on Movacolor products and various loader types. Equipped with two load cells for continuous weight measurement, the MMS Totalizer accurately monitors main material consumption. Operators can conveniently monitor this process using the Movacolor touch screen controller (MCTC) and MCSmart interface.


Optional features for the MMS Totalizer include different tube holders, custom-made adapters for both Movacolor and non-Movacolor hopper loaders, and a high-temperature version tailored to specific production needs. These enhancements ensure adaptability and versatility across diverse manufacturing environments.

The MMS Totalizer is developed to measure the consumption of the main material. The MMS Totalizer can be fitted with many different types of hopper loaders.

The MMS Totalizer features a top plate with an adapter that can accommodate loaders with outlet diameters up to 280 mm. Additionally, the inclusion of various tube holders allows for connection to any type of material tube.