Piping Systems & Fittings

Labotek’s conveying systems are recognised for their high level of durability and performance.

Our range of pipe systems is designed to accommodate various material types, utilising standard pipe dimensions for optimal compatibility. For applications involving glass-reinforced raw materials, we incorporate glass elbows to ensure durability and performance.


In addition to standard pipe fittings, our systems are equipped with specialised components such as line cleaning valves, slide valves, and closed-loop systems. These features facilitate efficient pipe emptying, preventing raw materials from absorbing moisture during conveying processes. Our commitment to preserving material integrity extends to every aspect of our pipe systems, ensuring reliable and moisture-free material handling throughout the production cycle.

Piping Systems and Fittings

Labotek Fittings

Labotek offers a versatile range of piping systems available in various materials and standard pipe dimensions of 38 mm, 50 mm, and 65 mm, crafted from either aluminum or stainless steel AISI 304. Our systems are equipped with line cleaning valves and closed-loop cleaning valves to ensure efficient pipe emptying, safeguarding raw materials against unwanted moisture absorption during conveying processes. This meticulous design approach guarantees reliable and moisture-free material handling, enhancing overall production quality and efficiency.