Maguire G2

Maguire G2

Enhanced Communication for Precision Blending

Maguire introduces the G2, a revolutionary software enabling rapid two-way communication between a PC and the controllers of Maguire WSB Gravimetric Blenders. This advanced system ensures precise measurement and dispensing of each material with an impressive ± 0.1% accuracy on a 1% setting. The elimination of over-colouring enhances control over product quality and consistency, providing manufacturers with a reliable solution for optimal blending.


G2 Gateway Software Features

The G2 Gateway Software empowers manufacturers by utilising materials usage data to its fullest potential. With features like compiling an extensive raw materials list, building and updating recipes, sending recipes to blenders, and viewing live production results, G2 offers complete management and total control over the blending process. Users can run reports based on various criteria, such as time, date, blender ID number, part number, work order number, operator number, recipe number, and material type, contributing to efficient troubleshooting and improved product quality.


Flexible Connectivity and Integration

Maguire provides flexibility in connectivity through the G2 Client Software, allowing users to connect using their own IT system or fieldbus system. Alternatively, Maguire offers an off-the-shelf G2 software for a simplified plug-and-run solution, ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises. The G2 system ensures ease of use, seamless configuration with major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks, and compatibility with leading PLCs. Overall, G2 enhances control, reduces operating costs, and improves efficiency, making it an essential tool for plastics processors seeking precision in material blending.