Movacolor MCSmart

Movacolor MCSmart

Movacolor introduces MCSmart, a comprehensive software solution for real-time monitoring, data logging, and reporting of all gravimetric dosing systems controlled by Movacolor’s touch screen controllers. This versatile software operates on a SQL database, ensuring 24/7 data collection and retrieval even after extended periods. Whether installed as a standalone application or as part of a server/client setup, MCSmart offers robust functionality for material and recipe management, backup and restore operations, and continuous data logging.


Key Features

MCSmart excels in providing real-time monitoring, data logging, and reporting functionalities for enhanced control over dosing processes in injection molding and extrusion. The software’s continuous data logging captures all process parameters, enabling users to retrieve and analyze data at their convenience. The reporting feature allows for the generation of custom reports, offering insights into material consumption and product quality on a daily basis. With three available license levels—basic, standard, and advanced—MCSmart caters to varying user needs, providing full-screen replication via VNC for remote operations and troubleshooting options such as backup and upload configurations.


System Integration and Requirements

MCSmart seamlessly integrates with Movacolor units, requiring MCTC with software version 2.1.0 or higher. The software operates with a standard PC link using TCP/IP or Modbus-TCP protocol, and it is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. The system’s trouble-shooting options include back-up and upload configurations, downloading event and alarm logs, and full remote operation. With features like data table summary, graphical representation, and individual unit settings, MCSmart empowers users with complete control over their dosing processes through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.