Movacolor MCLine

Movacolor MCLine

Movacolor’s MCLine Control offers sophisticated solutions for extrusion line management, combining manual and automatic modes seamlessly, with ramp-up/ramp-down control. It provides four different control configurations and diverse I/O options (analog, digital), including consumption counters for effective material usage monitoring.


Integrated Control System

The 8-inch full-colour touch screen controller manages the entire extrusion line and can control multiple continuous blenders concurrently. Notably, it integrates with the MCWeight throughput measurement system, enhancing control and performance in continuous blending setups.


Key Specifications

MCLine Control is designed for extrusion applications, supporting a capacity range of 0.01-100 kg/meter, 0.2-2500 m/min, and 10-1,200 kg/h. Communication options include Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, Profinet, and OPC/UA. The user-friendly 8-inch touch screen display, multilingual support, and digital speedometer contribute to an intuitive interface. Operators can achieve precise control, real-time monitoring, and minimal scrap, ensuring high-quality production.