Dynacon Box Filling

Dynacon Conveyors Corporation

DynaCon’s Box Filling Conveyor System

Precision and Efficiency

Dynamic Conveyor introduces a range of Box Filling Systems—Over/Under, Side-by-Side, and InLine—meticulously crafted to meet your box filling requirements. These systems are specifically designed for unattended box filling of parts by weight and/or count, offering standard options in two sizes accommodating boxes from 9” to 27”.


Unparalleled Accuracy and Convenience

Ensuring accuracy up to 0.3 ounces, these systems enable user-defined fill rates, providing hours of unattended, precise box or container filling. The Box Filling Systems feature a user-friendly control setup, quick disconnects between conveyors, and a large graphical LED display for easy monitoring.


Key Benefits and Features

Benefits of these systems include user-defined fill rates for accuracy, smooth box transfer ranging from 0 to 200 pounds, unattended operation for both count and weight-based filling, simple control setup, quick conveyor disconnects, a database supporting storage of 150 jobs, and an easily readable visual indicator on a large graphical LED display. With additional features such as a high-quality Mettler Toledo Scale, visual and audible alarms, adjustable guide rails for box size changes, energy efficiency operating at 110V without compressed air, and a safety-focused design, Dynamic Conveyor’s Box Filling Systems ensure efficiency, accuracy, and safety in your filling processes.