Dynacon HYBRID

The Dynacon Hybrid Series are custom made modular conveyor systems built here at Fleming.

Australian made with flexible modular conveyor design, that can be configurable with easy to remove and replaceable components.   These durable conveyors with long lasting reliable motors are crafted here at Fleming.  You can expect a fast turnaround, and a five year warranty.

We have been supplying some of Australia’s biggest Manufacturing companies with Conveyor systems for over 15 years.

BS Money

Dynamic Conveyor’s Hybrid® specialty conveyors are meticulously designed to address unique and challenging conveyance needs that traditional conveyor systems cannot meet. These conveyors overcome challenges such as limited space, high speeds, heavy loads, high impact, abrasives, and extreme temperatures with their unique design, providing a versatile solution for manufacturing, medical devices, packaging, and other handling applications.

Black Series Horiz

Dynamic Conveyor’s Hybrid Vertical conveyors offer a customised solution with angles ranging from 30° to 90°, ensuring precise positioning for your products.

Black Series Verticle

Dynamic Conveyor’s Hybrid® vertical conveyors are purpose-built to tackle the most challenging conveyance objectives that traditional conveyor systems cannot meet. Overcoming limitations posed by factors like limited space, high speeds, heavy loads, and extreme environmental conditions, each Hybrid® conveyor system boasts a unique design tailored to address specific challenges.