Labotek Labo-Scan


Labo-Scan Series: Advanced Material Control

Labotek’s Labo-Scan series revolutionises materials handling with a user-friendly 6” touch screen interface, enabling automatic control for up to 32 stations. The control system, housed in a wall-mounted cabinet, offers a visually appealing design and supports Labotek’s energy-saving frequency-controlled vacuum station as standard. Key features include significant energy savings, Siemens PLC, flexible setup, and a comprehensive 3-year warranty.


Labo-Scan Features

The interface allows graphic representation as a production machine, drying hopper, or other setups, ensuring easy operation. Adjustable parameters, such as suction time, line clearing time, suction address, and airspeed frequency, are easily configured on-screen. The control incorporates built-in suction address control, ensuring a safe and self-cleaning conveying cycle. The frequency controller allows individual airspeed settings for each station, promoting energy efficiency and extending hardware lifespan.


Options and Technical Data

Labo-Scan controls support various options, including filter cleaning choices like dust cyclone and self-purifying filter. The set-up menu accommodates personalised descriptions for each station, and the system is equipped with a full alarm list and status definitions. The Labo-Scan series comes with dimensions tailored to different models, and Labotek provides a 3-year warranty (excluding wear parts).