Labotek Micro-Scan


Labotek Micro-Scan: Precision Material Control

The Micro-Scan series from Labotek revolutionises material handling with automated control for up to 8 stations. Encased in an electrical cabinet, the control system offers a visually appealing interface, boasting a microprocessor control with LED status panel. The series is designed for ease of use, requiring no special training, and is backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty (excluding wear parts).


Control and Vacuum Blowers

The Micro-Scan control system provides a user-friendly interface with pictograms and LED indicators, allowing easy navigation and status monitoring. Vacuum blowers, available as single, double, or larger configurations, maintain a deep vacuum at minimal airspeed, ensuring gentle handling of polymers. These maintenance-free blowers operate below 69 dBa noise level.


Options and Receivers

The Micro-Scan is equipped with various filter cleaning options, including dust cyclone, self-purifying filter, and powder filter with compressed air cleaning. Labotek’s vacuum receivers, such as AVR and SVR, ranging from 1 to 200 liters, offer flexibility and adaptability. The receivers, controlled via bottom flap magnet read switch, accommodate different filter types, making them versatile for diverse conveying applications.