Labotek Labo-Scan 50


Labo-Scan 50: Streamlined Materials Handling

Labo-Scan 50 offers streamlined materials handling solutions with its user-friendly interface and advanced control capabilities. Featuring a 7” touch screen, it enables automatic control of conveying for up to 50 stations, utilising network communication via AS-Interface & Siemens Profi Net for reliability. The system, housed in a wall-mounted cabinet, boasts a sleek visual appearance and can efficiently manage up to 4 vacuum stations with optional energy-saving frequency control.


Enhanced Control and Efficiency

Labo-Scan’s intuitive interface allows for easy adjustment of parameters such as suction time, line clearing time, and air speed frequency directly on the screen. With personalised descriptive texts and alarm settings, operators can quickly identify and address issues. The control system ensures a safe and self-cleaning conveying cycle, reducing material residue and offering significant energy savings through customisable air speed settings via frequency inverters.


Technical Specifications and Options

Labo-Scan 50 supports multiple filter-cleaning options for vacuum stations and standby frequency settings to optimise material handling efficiency. With its compact dimensions and modular design, Labo-Scan 50 is a versatile solution suitable for diverse industrial applications, providing ease of operation and superior performance