Moisture Analyser

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of moisture measurement.  Aboni Moisture analysers are internally developed with specific components and produced according our specialised designs. The final assembly, initial calibration and commissioning of all products is made at our factory in Germany.

In principle the measuring method is based on the reaction of gaseous water and a reagent, which is calcium hydride.  This unique procedure is what makes it a water-selective measuring method.

Aboni Hydro tracer Product shot

The sample material is weighed and placed into a sample tray. The sample tray itself is part of an integrated reactor within the HydroTracer. A heater warms the sample – temperatures between 50 °C and 210 °C are freely selectable.

The water evaporating from the sample reacts with the reagent in a cooled area and water is transformed into hydrogen. Other volatile substances will condense at the cooled surfaces within the vessel. The concentration of hydrogen gas is measured. It is a measure for the amount of water in the reactor.

Fleming Dew Point Meter

Vaisala DM70 DRYCAP Hand-held Dew Point Meter measures dew point and temperature accurately over a wide measurement range.  The probe may be inserted directly into pressurised processes up to 20 bar (290 PSI), and the sensor purge feature allows for rapid response form ambient to dry process conditions.  The autocalibration function is incorporated for excellent long-term stability.

Designed for high accuracy in very dry conditions, the sensor fully recovers from condensation.  This model offers various configurations suitable for checking the operation of desiccant or refrigerant in dryers in compressed air systems.  It is also commonly used for transformer and plastic drying. ISO 9001 standard calibration included -57.-40 and -10 C Td/f