Handheld Dew point Meter


Handheld Dew point Meter for Spot-checking applications DM70

Versatile and Accurate Measurement

The Vaisala DM70 DRYCAP Hand-held Dew Point Meter is a versatile tool designed for accurate dew point and temperature measurement over a wide range. With the ability to be inserted directly into pressurized processes up to 20 bar, it offers rapid response from ambient to dry conditions. Featuring autocalibration for long-term stability, this meter is specifically crafted for high accuracy in very dry conditions, recovering fully from condensation.


Advanced Sensor Technology

Equipped with Vaisala DRYCAP™ sensor technology, the DM70 provides reliable and stable dew point measurement. Three probe models, including those for SF6 gas, offer autocalibration and a sensor purge feature for fast response. The meter is ideal for spot-checking applications in various industries, including compressed air, metal treatment, and plastics drying.


User-Friendly and Low Maintenance

Its compact design, intuitive user interface, and low maintenance needs make it a valuable asset. The DM70 can log data and transfer it to a PC via MI70 Link software, providing traceable calibration and an accurate measuring range from -60 to +60 °C.


Robust and Reliable Performance

Operating in ambient conditions of -10 to +40 °C, the DM70 is a robust and reliable solution for dew point measurement. With additional features like alarm functions, data logging, and an LCD with backlight, the Vaisala DM70 ensures accurate and efficient performance in diverse industrial settings.