Aboni HydroTracer HT3

Aboni HydroTracer HT3

Precision and Versatility in Moisture Measurement

The HydroTracer Moisture Analyzer offers precise water content measurement for technical plastics. With a test time of 10–45 minutes and an adjustable test temperature range of 50–210°C, it accommodates sample sizes from 0.01 to 50 g. Using CaH² as a reagent (granules or pad), it provides accurate measurements within a range of 0.2–25 mg absolute or 0.0005–5% relative. The system’s accuracy is ensured with a measuring error of < ± 2% and a resolution of ± 1 ppm (0.0001%).


Compact and Efficient Design

Operating in ambient conditions of -10–40°C and 90% relative humidity, the HydroTracer is lightweight (6.4 kg) and compact (290 × 180 × 260 mm). It requires a power supply of 100–240 VAC / 1000 W and connects via USB to a PC with minimum Windows 7 SP1. Key benefits include a highly accurate water-selective measuring method with a resolution of 1 ppm, simple handling, and a robust design. The analyser is essential for optimising processes in industries where moisture content is a critical property for materials like thermoplastics (e.g., ABS, PBT, Polyamides, PC, PET), duroplastics, elastomers, and metal powders.


User-Friendly Operation and Advanced Analysis

In operation, the sample material is heated, causing water to evaporate. The reagent reacts with the evaporated water, releasing hydrogen. The concentration of hydrogen gas is measured, providing insights into the moisture content of the sample. The analyser is user-friendly, allowing control and parameter setting via picture-supported computer software, facilitating efficient material library management and test report generation.