Maguire MS4

Maguire MS4

Accurate and Versatile Dosing

Maguire’s MS4 PeriStep pumps deliver precise metering of liquid colour into the main material flow, enhancing colouring processes in molding and extrusion applications. The positive displacement pump design ensures no internal leakage, providing a self-priming solution. The automatic speed control, along with three tube sizes, caters to a wide dosing range, making it adaptable for various processes, including injection molding and extrusion.


Easy Operation and Maintenance

The MS4 PeriStep pump offers a user-friendly experience with easy setup and operation. Its compact and robust design, featuring four solid rollers, ensures minimal maintenance. Tube changes are quick and hassle-free, contributing to operational efficiency. The safety interlock mechanism and “Split Head” design prioritise user safety, preventing access to rotating parts during operation.


Innovative Technology and Simplified Interface

The MS4 pump employs a “Sun and Planetary” drive system with a precision stepper motor, eliminating the need for a gearbox. The intelligent control software simplifies operator interface with a three-step setup process, enhancing accuracy while minimizing the chances of errors. The innovative design ensures precise dosing, efficient color changes, and ease of use, making it an ideal solution for demanding dosing applications.