Movacolor MDS Balance Liquid

Movacolor MDS Balance Liquid

Reliable and Traceable

Experience 100% traceability with the MDS Balance Liquid advanced gravimetric control, eliminating pre-calibration time and providing continuous control over dosed quantities. The 8″ full-colour touch screen ensures a user-friendly experience, making operation seamless. The gravimetric technology guarantees reliability, allowing 24/7 monitoring of dosing quantities.


Total Liquid Dosing Concept

The MDS Balance Liquid offers a modular design for quick and easy colour changes. The packaging concept ensures spill-free handling, and the system can be seamlessly integrated with Movacolor’s gravimetric solid dosing or MDS Continuous Blender system. Choose between gravimetric or volumetric versions, with the volumetric dosing unit featuring the MC18 controller. The system supports peristaltic pumps, mono pumps, and gear pumps, providing flexibility based on your production needs.


Leaders in Dosing Technology

Movacolor’s MDS Balance Liquid is the answer to precision liquid dosing challenges. With options for different pump types, spill-free packaging, and the capability to integrate with other dosing systems, it offers a comprehensive solution for injection molding and extrusion applications. Take control of your liquid dosing with Movacolor’s industry-leading technology.