Maguire Microblender

Maguire Microblender

Ideal for small injection machines

The WSB MB Gravimetric MicroBlender™ is the world’s smallest weigh scale blender, designed for small injection machines with a throughput of up to 100 lb/hr (45 kg/hr). It features four removable hoppers with dispense valves for quick color or additive changes, reducing downtime. The system can handle up to four components, achieving high consistent accuracy of ±0.1% on a 1% setting.


The blender ensures a homogenous mix by releasing batches into the mixing chamber and blending with the previous batch. Controlled by a level sensor, material blending is precise, and an audible and visual alarm alerts incomplete batches. Easy setup is facilitated by user-friendly thumbwheels or a touchscreen. The Maguire controller monitors and confirms ingredient weights, providing optional password protection. The system allows for quick cleanouts, rapid color changes, and integration with other control or ERP systems.


For technical details, the WSB MB has a maximum throughput of 40-60 kg/h (100-125 lb/h) with four material dispense systems. It comes with a 5-year warranty, reduced weight and footprint, and improved documentation capabilities. The blender is ideal for small processing machines, ensuring overall blend precision and easy access for maintenance.



  • 5 models available
  • Up to 45 kg/hr
  • Ideal for small injection machines
  • Easy flow regrind corner valve
  • Removable hoppers for quick colour changes
  • Up to 4 components