Rotor Wheel Dryers

A dryer with leading technology that accurately measures energy consumption (kw/hour), distributed by a supplier experienced in the future of bioplastic and renewable raw material processing.

Look no further than Labotek for the most comprehensive, technologically advanced, energy optimised range of gravimetric dryers available. Gravimetric drying is a process that consumes large amounts of energy in particular for PET and engineering grade materials, therefore it is important to track consumption costs.  Many brands will claim energy efficiency, but it is only Labotek that can truly demonstrate it.  All Labotek dryers come with additional energy saving features such as temperature lowering, over-drying protection and capacity control.


The compact LRD series offers a lightweight dryers for mounting on the machine with hopper volumes of 30 to 100 L.

The dry air volume is 15 – 30 m³/h.  Controlled regeneration and rotor technology guarantees a high energy efficiency and low power consumption.

DRM 200 updated

The DMR Series offers maximum energy efficiency and flexibility.

The compact dryer supplies air flows from 30-90 m3/h with a constant dew point of -35°C or better, thanks to the desiccant rotor technology. Structure of the desiccant rotor is guaranteeing large absorbing capacity and no dust emission.